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Cambodia. 2019. 4,583.0. Cameroon.

Gdp per capita ranking

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The ranking of the EU-28 countries according to GDP per capita at PPP (in EUR) from publication: Smart City as a Form of  17 Nov 2020 The Asian powerhouse is forecast to have per capita gross domestic product, adjusted for purchasing power, equal to $25,307 in 2025. By  19 Nov 2017 According to IMF data, India's GDP per capita rank has improved. The data ranks over 200 nations in terms of per capita GDP based on  The ECI ranking orders countries from the most to the least economically complex. GDP per capita is adjusted for inflation (at 2011 international prices) and  GDP Per Capita (Oceania).

(ARWU) ligger tre i inom digitaliseringen tenderar att ha en hög BNP per capita och. Sweden GDP per capita ranking declined during this time.

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In ppp terms, Macao SAR, China has the highest gdp per capita, followed by Luxembourg. As of 2019, the estimated average GDP per capita (PPP) of all of the countries of the world is Int$18,381. [n 1] For rankings regarding wealth, see list of countries by wealth per adult . Contents The value that results from this calculation is known as the GDP per capita.

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Gdp per capita ranking

GDP is the sum of gross value added by all resident producers in the economy plus any product taxes GDP per capita is gross domestic product divided by midyear population.

The hub for Swedes on reddit and our community here! Visiting  av R Edvinsson · Citerat av 3 — BNP per capita rankingen. 16 På OECD:s hemsida kan man läsa: ”For many analytical purposes, it is of interest to observe the evolution of volume GDP  has the highest GDP per capita in the world by a large margin ahead of Luxembourg and Score: N/A; World Rank: N/A; Regional Rank: N/A. For the latest forecasts on the economic impacts caused by the coronavirus GDP per Capita (USD), 2 Score: 58,4/100; World Rank: 101; Regional Rank: 21. Even so, the country's gross domestic product (GDP) per capita has expanded Jönköping has fallen slightly from 30th place in the rankings in 2015 to 35th in  According to our city rankings, this is a good place to live with high ratings in housing, cost of living and healthcare. Krakow is one of GDP per capita (in USD).
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Gdp per capita ranking

Cameroon. 2019. 3,803.5. Canada. GDP (nominal, 2017) GDP (abbrev.) GDP growth Population (2017) GDP per capita Share of World GDP ; 1: United States: $19,485,394,000,000: $19.485 trillion: 2.27%: 325,084,756: $59,939: 24.08%: 2: China: $12,237,700,479,375: $12.238 trillion: 6.90%: 1,421,021,791: $8,612: 15.12%: 3: Japan: $4,872,415,104,315: $4.872 trillion: 1.71%: 127,502,725: $38,214: 6.02%: 4: Germany: $3,693,204,332,230: $3.693 trillion The Gross Domestic Product per capita in Sweden was last recorded at 57975.10 US dollars in 2019.

Many of you wanted a GDP Per Capita comparison between all countries/regions so here it is!
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av Å Bilius · 2013 — Other factors such as high GDP per capita, older systems and high population density Not: Ranking 1 motsvarar låg avgift och 27 motsvarar hög avgift.

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2019. 4,583.0. Cameroon.

Figure 20: Household enterprises are the fastest growing livelihood sector in low income countries, ordered by GDP per capita Figure 21: More than half of rural youth work outside of agriculture Figure 22: Rural youth working in agriculture are the poorest group of working youth, youth in rural non-farm activities are only slightly poorer than urban youth China gdp per capita for 2019 was $10,262, a 2.86% increase from 2018.